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My god, how could you actually be this thick? Norman Reedus would never do that, he’s against animal cruelty, at the end of the episode you could see that no animal was harmed and it’s ILLEGAL to kill animals for entertainment. But eh- sorts out the ignorant. I’m glad that there are smarter people who keep loving this show, because they actually know their facts.

The only ignorant one here is you. Those warnings don’t mean shit about the way the animals are treated AFTER filming. If he’s so against animal cruelty then how come he gave a piece of it’s body to Andrew Lincoln as a joke. Eh whatever, at least there are folks like me and my friends who actually give a damn about calling out a show that’s so popular people are willing to look past blatant animal abuse so they can continue to enjoy it.

For your information, I own a snake. So don’t mistake me for someone who dislikes them or anything. But it seems that he gave the rattler away, but as far as I know, the snake used was already dead and bought. Probably it was killed for a reason, or legally. They only used a life snake in the first scene. The one he stabbed was already dead. What is to say that it wasn’t killed because it was sick, or because he was on someones land?

Real animal cruelty is bad, but to assume that this show abuses animals is absurd.

Like I said, it’s against the law to kill animals for entertainment. They didn’t use real piglets in the scene where they were killed, while they did use the life ones to shoot several scenes. It had nothing to do with me sticking up for it because it’s popular. I love animals and fight for their rights, more than you know. But calling out when you don’t have proof of animal cruelty to back it up… Sorry. Show me the evidence that the snake was alive when he stabbed it and I’ll take it all back.

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